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Portals and Apple

Apple has released an incredibly simple and provocative image to promote an upcoming event to the press. An article in Fast Company excitedly discusses what this image could mean about a new Mac OS X announcement: There’s a reason this … Continue reading

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Time Sheets

Time sheets are a soul-crushing relic of the bygone industrial age. What more are time sheets than a lazy substitute for a watchful managerial eye — which itself has outlived its expiration date, replaced by a well educated, self-motivated, engaged … Continue reading

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Life Between Ear Plugs

It’s surprising the amount of sound bouncing around inside your own head. It’s is always happening in the background; it’s just usually drowned out by the noise outside. Even when there’s absolute silence around you, there are sounds you don’t … Continue reading

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This is a scary word. It means I have to know what I’m doing and at this point, I have no idea. Tomorrow I’m visiting a local leather bindery to ask questions about the process and the moving pieces involved. … Continue reading

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