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Internet Killed the Publishing Star (and we all win)

The Domino Project is Seth Godin’s recent collaboration with Amazon to embrace digital book distribution and circumvent the traditional publishing process. The first digital-only book published by the project will be Godin’s newest, Poke the Box, available for pre-order until … Continue reading

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The Perils of Being a Category Leader

A friend of mine, Brennan Knotts, recently pointed out in a post about the 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing, that marketing success requires mind-share. Mind-share means owning a word in the market’s vocabulary which, when spoken, evokes memories of your … Continue reading

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Your business has a personality, and it might be a sociopath.

Sociopathy is a subset of Antisocial Personality Disorder. In an earlier post, I discussed how desirable businesses carry the same traits as desirable people. Business leaders understand this, to an extent, so most businesses invest lots of money and energy … Continue reading

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Desirable Businesses Act Like Desirable People

Because businesses are people. Somewhere on the road between agrarian society and today’s established business culture, we decided that business relationships should play by different rules than personal relationships. It’s as though we think someone becomes a robot the moment … Continue reading

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Chump Change: Trade Your Quarterly Gains for the BIG Win

Chances are, your business is aiming far too low — and earning exactly the results you deserve. Experts across the board, from Tony Hseih to Umair Haque, are calling business leaders to a higher standard. Now, thanks to the folks … Continue reading

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Denny’s was in brand denial. Are you?

First, let me ask this question: What is a brand? Sadly, for all the people who consider themselves marketers and business professionals, very few answer this question correctly on the first try. Here are a few common responses. They’re all incorrect: A … Continue reading

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