The Personal Brewery

Every once in a while a new product or business is announced and I’m immediately pissed about not thinking of it first.

This is the latest (courtesy of the SpringWise Newsletter):

Click image to view video in new window -- would not embed.

It’s the WilliamsWarn Personal Brewery. According to the website, it allows the home brewer to produce “professional quality beer in seven days, just like a modern brewery.”

Of course, I don’t personally have the technical chops to bring this product to life anyway (and I’m not talking about code prowess — I mean mechanical engineering and knowledge of the beer brewing process), let alone the resources to fund multiple prototypes and bring this baby to market.

However, if you do, I suggest introducing a U.S. based competitor. The WilliamsWarn is currently only available in New Zealand, for purchase with New Zealand currency.

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2 Responses to The Personal Brewery

  1. Patti Ross says:


    I did not see a way to email you directly, so I am leaving you this message on your blog. I was awarded a blog award the other day—and that means I get to forward the award on to other bloggers. I chose you! My blog entry explains things in more detail:

  2. jkurth says:

    Patti — I am so flattered!

    Thank you for such a genuine and thoughtful honor. I truly appreciate your thinking of me and letting me know. As you may have noticed, I haven’t been posting recently. I’ve taken a new job with a very small company and it’s consumed all my time. Hopefully I’ll have a chance to return to regular posting at some point.

    Sorry to receive your award in the midst of a dry spell. Nonetheless, it means a lot. Thanks!

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