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Publishing Steps in the Digital Direction, and I Place Bets on Analog

Seth Godin has recently partnered with Amazon to create a brand new book publishing model where ‘book’ is no longer defined by printed pages and hard covers. It’s called the Domino Project. You can also read about it on Seth’s … Continue reading

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Results Only Work Environment

Isn’t tradition a funny thing? There’s a story about a young wife who prepared a roast for Sunday dinner. She removed the packaging, cut off the ends of the roast, and placed it in a deep metal pan for baking … Continue reading

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Technology and Humanity Working Together

I recently updated the ‘About Succincity’ page on this blog to include the predominant theme that has emerged across most of my posts about marketing and business: Humanity is making a comeback. Companies are human organizations. They are founded by … Continue reading

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Indy’s Tech Startup Community: Battling the Provenance Paradox

Provenance refers to something’s place or source of origin.¬†In a recent HBR Magazine article, Rohit Deshpande describes what he calls the ‘provenance paradox’.¬†Provenance can be a huge advantage for the first viable group of entrants in a market. Deshpande cites … Continue reading

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Grammar Lesson: Stationary vs. Stationery

We pronounce both of these words the same way, which is why you probably misspell one of them every time you write it. And because they’re both real words, it’s the kind of mistake your spell checker probably won’t pick … Continue reading

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A tweet from my friend Erik Deckers recently drew my attention to this blog post on the 8 habits of highly productive people. It’s written by a personal development coach named Celestine Chua and summarizes the issue of productivity very … Continue reading

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What Leadership is Made Of

Bill Taylor, co-founder of Fast Company magazine, author and expert on leadership for change recently penned this blog post on HBR. Here’s my favorite excerpt so far: So if money, power, and fame aren’t all they’re cracked up to be, … Continue reading

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