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Jana Dobbs is an executive at Corner Bank in Winfield, Kansas. She was quoted in Bill Taylor’s HBR Blog as follows: “Advertising is important, the design of the website is important, but if customers have a positive experience every time … Continue reading

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The Time of Your Life

There may come a time when I stop passing along profound tidbits of wisdom from Roy Williams’ Monday Morning Memos, but that would probably mean either I’ve stopped blogging altogether, or Roy’s worthy life has met a worthy end. Speaking … Continue reading

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Do it Wrong Quickly

“I make more mistakes than anyone else I know, and sooner or later, I patent most of them.“ – Thomas Edison (via the Wizard of Ads) There’s a school of thought that says ‘do it wrong quickly.’ The general idea … Continue reading

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Definition according to block·bust·er – noun 1. an aerial bomb containing high explosives and weighing from four to eight tons, used as a large-scale demolition bomb. . 2. a motion picture, novel, etc., esp. one lavishly produced, that has … Continue reading

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Remember what I learned about infusing the business I’m planning with greater purpose than profit? Well, Umair Haque has some pretty robust opinions on this subject. In fact, he advocates the restructuring of our entire economy for that kind of … Continue reading

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Soda Pop Stop

This video was recently featured on 37 Signals’ Signal vs. Noise blog. It definitely merits a spot on this blog.

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World’s Oldest Man Turns 114

Walter Breuning is a Minnesota born United States citizen. According to the news article I heard on the radio this morning he wakes up at 6am every day, loosens up with some calisthenics, dons a suit and tie and with … Continue reading

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