About Succincity

Succincity is about business and marketing. Business and marketing are about people. If you don’t know people — the universal truths that define and motivate us — you don’t know business. And you really don’t know marketing.

So, Succincity is really about people.

Succincity exists to reacquaint business leaders with the purpose of business: meeting needs, building trust, creating value — for people. Have you read anything from Daniel Pink, Seth Godin, Tony Hsieh, or Umair Haque in the past five years? How about Sir Ken Robinson or Roy H. Williams? The world’s leading thinkers are beginning to express a single, unifying theme: Humanity is making a comeback.

People are important again.

You are important again.

Let’s work like it.


5 Responses to About Succincity

  1. Tracy Zhang says:

    Loving your blog. It’s a refreshing perspective on the whole world of business for a business student like me. Happy Blogging.

  2. Love the fact that you bring people back to the fore in business and in all that we do. Business students seem to miss it’s importance after the introduction of people as the 5th P within the marketing mix, year 1, Marketing 101. The 5th P no less ! Great blog. enjoying immensely.

    • jkurth says:

      Kinda funny how we educate ourselves out of our own humanity. My introductory marketing course included only four P’s and none of them stood for People.

      Maybe your fifth P also stands for Progress.

      Thanks for reading!

      • Yes progress indeed, I remember the next P standing for Processes. Maybe a link there to your current dismay at the use / over use of the word Strategy.
        Tactics & processes can only ever be facilitators towards the long term goal of creating a fit between ever changing internal & external environments. The constant change that we all face. Great post…

  3. What she said. Discovering a blog like this a week into business school is, well, bad for professors..

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