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The Folding Concrete Block

Simple. Stunning. Genius. Dror Benshetrit is an Israeli designer who has likely revolutionized architecture, home furnishing, art, and even humanitarianism with a single innovation. He calls it the QuaDror. It was featured in today’s SpringWise Newsletter of startup business ideas and … Continue reading

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E-Books Pull Ahead of Hardcovers

Time Magazine recently released numbers that reveal e-book sales in January outpaced hardcover sales for the first time in history. This is no major shock to anyone who’s not been in a coma for the past two years, nonetheless, it’s … Continue reading

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Punctuation matters more than you think.

Examples courtesy of the Wizard of Ads: Dear John: I want a man who knows what love is all about.  You are generous, kind, thoughtful.  People who are not like you admit to being useless and inferior.  You have ruined … Continue reading

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A Tip to Make More Money: Treat and Pay Employees Well

For people like Kip Tindell, this philosophy is a no-brainer. Kip is the founder and CEO of The Container Store, one of the largest and most recognizable retail brands in the United States. He was recently recognized by the National … Continue reading

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Google’s SEO Game: Judge, Jury, and Executioner

As has dominated the technology and business blogosphere / twittersphere in recent weeks, jcpenney was ‘outed’ by the New York Times for the unsavory tactics of its SEO firm SearchDEX. The retailer appeared among top rankings for a plethora of … Continue reading

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