Life Between Ear Plugs

It’s surprising the amount of sound bouncing around inside your own head.

It’s is always happening in the background; it’s just usually drowned out by the noise outside. Even when there’s absolute silence around you, there are sounds you don’t hear until you plug your ears.

The swish and gurgle of saliva pulled by suction across your tongue. The solid clink of meeting molars. The sound of a hum from your throat reaching your ears — not through the air but through the flesh of your neck and the bones of your spine. It’s an almost disturbingly intimate experience with yourself.

People find silence uncomfortable as it is, filling the void with ramblings and media. But life between ear plugs is even more intense.

Why is it that the sounds closest to us, produced within us, are the ones we most often fail to hear?

‘Know thyself’ the old adage goes, but time spent alone with your flesh-and-bone head is pretty deep, and pretty scary. Deeper and scarier still is time spent alone with your mind, your heart.

If you popped in some ear plugs and spent a few minutes listening, what would you hear?

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