Do you ever feel like Chuck Heston?

Sometimes I do, because as it turns out, Soylent Green has something in common with your business. And like Chuck Heston, I feel like no one will believe me:

Your business is people. From yourself to your employees to your customers, your business is made out of people. Whatever you produce gets consumed by people. Whatever they pay also goes to people. How much they pay and how many of them do is based on how well you meet the desires of people.

So, why do you pretend your business is made out of numbers?

When you treat your business like it’s made out of numbers, people become a side show. A curiosity. A distraction — or even a liability. If you think your business is made out of numbers, people can tell. People know it’s not really about them. People know they’re just the pavement on which you’re walking to the bank. People aren’t dumb like numbers are.

Don’t you think they’d rather give their money to the business that knows it’s about them?

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2 Responses to Do you ever feel like Chuck Heston?

  1. Great post.

    Way too many companies treat us all as wallets with legs. I hate it. I find it very rare to be treated as a human being. It’s why I try to patronize every small local merchant whenever possible. I love and cherish the simple (or not so simple) humanity of those encounters.

    I doubt any “big box” store can, or will try, to “scale” personalized behaviors.

    • jkurth says:

      The funny thing is that ‘personalization’ is the overriding theme in digital marketing for big box retailers today. By collecting data on customer behavior (browsing history, purchase history, etc.) everything from email to text messaging and product recommendation is ‘personalized’.

      Sadly, the eagerness to invest in digital personalization doesn’t translate to an investment in personal personalization: treating employees so well that they’re falling all over themselves to treat customers well too — in retail or otherwise.

      Thanks again for reading!

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