Funding (part deux)

My last post on this topic was not optimistic.

I was coming to terms with what I thought would be an inescapable necessity. I thought there was no way I could build the business I envision with zero dollars to start. And I mean zero dollars.

Since then I’ve been finally reading (well, listening to) The Art of the Start and becoming ever more certain that I want to bootstrap this thing if it kills me. Encouragement from this book, plus time and thoughtfulness and effort — and a recent conversation with Matt Gordon — have revealed that there may be a way after all.

My vision began so big it would have taken hundreds of thousands of dollars in seed money alone to get off the ground, plus a few longshot gambles on majorly crucial partnerships that weren’t likely to pan out. Scaling that vision back, over and over again, to find a bare-bones revenue producing start-up model has taken a long time. But I think it’s finally here.

Noel and I are taking a vacation for Thanksgiving next week and we’ll use some of that time to investigate this hunch. It’s no sure bet, but it could be the starting point we need.

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