Coding vs. Copywriting

Jeb Banner posted some good thoughts today — check it out. They prompted the following from me:

I think the chasm in perceived value between coding and copywriting is created by perceived ability. If you can’t code, you know it. If you can’t write, you might not know it. And why would someone pay top dollar for something they perceive as a G.E.D.-level commodity skill?

The funny thing is that coding and copywriting involve exactly the same processes, only in different languages.

You start with an idea, build a framework to contain it, utilize a language’s building blocks to communicate and deliver it, then test for feedback to ensure it was received and executed correctly. Wash, rinse and repeat.

Whether coder or copywriter you must be a master of your language. The imbalance today is that a master of clarity, brevity, vocabulary, voice and medium is seldom recognized as easily as a writer of software language. If the ability to produce software ever becomes as democratized as writing, then yes, the value scales may change. Simple familiarity with the right language will no longer differentiate people and the value of true mastery will reemerge — for both coders and copywriters.

Great post, Jeb. Oh, and good seeing you at HFindy last night 🙂

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One Response to Coding vs. Copywriting

  1. Jeb says:

    Thanks for thoughtful comment and follow up Jesse

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