Do it Wrong Quickly

I make more mistakes than anyone else I know, and sooner or later, I patent most of them. – Thomas Edison (via the Wizard of Ads)

There’s a school of thought that says ‘do it wrong quickly.’ The general idea is that the road to the best work is paved with attempts that inevitably fall short. Every step forward contains mistakes and every mistake represents a step forward.

Jeb Banner and Kristian Andersen discussed this idea today.

I once met Bill Cook of Cook medical group in Bloomington, IN. He made a presentation that summed up his journey from garage entrepreneur to multi-billion dollar device manufacturer. It was called Ready, Fire, Aim. With this business philosophy he became the richest man in the state of Indiana.

As a borderline perfectionist and aspiring entrepreneur, I’m a little concerned.

I’m pretty sure I can’t be both of those things at once. Good Enough and I must become better friends.

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